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China Adventure

An Adventure of a Lifetime

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

After reading the blog posts and watching the videos of the Australia and Africa adventures...I am even more excited than ever to begin our adventure to China. We recently had a cook out at one of the student's home, and the excitement is growing for our upcoming trip!

When our Discovery Student Adventures box arrived with our shirts and landyards, we just couldn't wait to try everything on and take our first group photo.

Selecting Students

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Selecting students to go on this trip was hard. So to reward myself and the ones that got selected, I decided to have a little fun when I brought the four finalists in. Check out the video:

Several people have since asked how I made the cookies. They're actually really easy. Just print up your fortunes ahead and use quality, presentation paper. They always put those mysterious numbers on the fortunes so I put the dates of our trip: 08 04 19 09 (Aug.4-18th, 2009). Riley got it quickly (math nerd).

I used this recipe and found these tips helpful. Oven mitts make handling difficult so I used this as an excuse to buy the Ove Glove. My wife wouldn't let me buy it before but now that we have it she uses it all the time!

I had extra batter so I wrote a couple extra messages and inserted them into cookies for our principal and her secretary. The principal walked away confused when I handed her a fortune cookie in a ziploc baggie. The next day she came up to me excited and said, "I figured it out once I opened it - of course, you're going to China!"

Ready for adventure

Thursday, June 11, 2009

After watching the Australia group complete their trip while the South Africa group is currently exploring, the excitement level has increased. I know this experience will be unlike any other. Every day someone asks me about China this summer and I get chills just thinking about it. Someone asked if I've even been that far. I've traveled internationally, but China is farther than any place on Earth I've walked.

Right now I am blogging with my students. With school so close to being done, their thinking about almost nothing else. I'm really looking forward to getting to know these four incredible young people. It will be an adventure in more ways than one.

B. Harvey

Essential Programs Details

Duration 15 days
When August 1st - 14th, 2009
Focus History/Culture
Martial Arts
Modern/Ancient Architecture