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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Throughout this amazing journey in China, we have been excited to share our experiences with the world. It is really exciting to see how interested and enthusiastic the students are about blogging, sending out tweets and uploading photos to Picasa for the world to see. We are learning as we go, and it really has been a lot of fun giving you an inside glimpse as to the incredible things we are seeing and doing. I feel like we are Discovery Student Adventurers by day and bloggers by night! I hope you keep coming back to our blog for additional information because we still have a whole week left on our phenomenal journey!


Karen Wells said...

Your photo and post brought back memories of South Africa. Going "ninety to nothing" all day, absorbing all that there was to see, and then blogging and uploading with poor internet connections for what seemed like hours. ( : I know it takes everything you have left in your bodies to blog, but now I am on the other end and know how much people like myself want to experience your trip through the blogs. So...keep on blogging. You can sleep when you get home!

Changing Connections said...

I love this post, Rita. You are so right; you and fellow trip leaders and the students are creating an incredible journey for the world to follow. Just posted to PA DEN and am working on another after I finish reading all the students' posts and comment. You must be having a phenomenal trip. Hard to imagine, despite great videos, photos, and blogs.

RJ Stangherlin
PA DEN LC Blog Coordinator

Anonymous said...

Rita, What an exciting trip. I enjoyed reading and watching all about your adventure tonight
Cathy Houchin

Anonymous said...

Rita seeing you in these pictures makes me soo happy! I am so excited you get to take part is this journey of a lifetime! I can't wait to see the crazy videos I know you will put together! Enjoy every second... it goes soo fast!

Deb said...


It's so nice that we can keep tabs on you- even when you are far away from Verona, WI! Looking forward to hearing about your trip when you return.

Deb D

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