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Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

This morning we had the unique opportunity of learning Kung Fu from the martial arts students at the Small Dragon school. This is one of sixty five schools that teach Kung Fu. The Small Dragon is the third largest school with 4,000 students. The students range in age from four years old to twenty five. It is a boarding school with students living in the dorms all year. Once a year during the Spring Festival the students are allowed to go home. The parents can come and visit anytime. This was such a special morning for us and also and incredible workout. You can see some of the students here practicing for our upcoming performance.

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Changing Connections said...


I can hardly wait to see the videos you will have produced on this trip. You are legendary for your films, and this experience should produce a documentary at best. Your travels should be added to Discoverystreaming--how cool would that be.

Each of your experiences have a special signature that comes with anything Discovery delivers, but you make it special for everyone with that inimitable personality. How I wish that I could be with your team beyond the virtual.

Keep up the fantastic work (and energy--was this trip a test of mental and physical fitness and endurance).

Anxious to hear from you when you return. Missed you at LC Symposium, and it wasn't the same without you, kiddo.

RJ Stangherlin
PA DEN LC Blog Coordinator

KTI said...

I loved viewing the pictures of the Chinese students... how cute! 4 years to 25... such an age range! What a different perspective on education.

Karen Wells said...

I think that if I have learned anything from the teachers' and students' blogs it is that the Chinese certainly believe in practice. If Americans would put in as much time practicing the skills we want to master, we would also be highly skilled. I, for one, admire the Chinese work habits! Karen Wells DSA South Africa

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