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China Adventure

The Great Wall

Friday, August 7, 2009

Last night I slept in a tent at the base of the Great Wall of China. Today I did a 10k hike on the Great Wall. It was a surreal experience and put into perspective how I look at other parts of the world. We hiked a part of the wall that most people do not get a chance to see. The hike challenged my fear of heights. I could hear my fifth grade students in my head, "Don't be afraid to take a risk. Challenge yourself!" Afterwards I felt a sense of accomplishment and pride. The students on this trip work so well together. It was great to watch their collaborative efforts and excitement, especially when we scaled part of the wall.
We are sitting on the bus and many students and teachers are taking a much needed and well deserved nap. This truly is an experience I will hold onto forever.
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Erin M said...

Wow-that is so awesome for you guys! I'm glad you're having such wonderful experiences - both educationally and personally. Keep the updates coming!

Karen said...

I am glad you conquered your fear of heights - something I struggle with. Out of all the scheduled activities, this sounded liked the ultimate one!

dahall said...

How amazing! Who would have thought 3 weeks ago you would be taking risks on the Great Wall. Enjoy every minute!

KTI said...

Looks like a lot of fun... and a great group of students!
Fear of heights... You'd never be able to do the Washington Monument then. lol

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Duration 15 days
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