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Monday, August 3, 2009

Well here we are in Beijing, China. Today we started with a ride through Monday morning traffic. To soothe the stress we then had Tai-chi lesson. We learned that the body be like water; able to flow yet have the strength to cut down rock. The students then started their own reality show challenge: Can You Pushover the Master? consisting of kids attempting to take down a 70 year-old man. We all lost.
The temples and palaces of the Forbidden City revealed stories of power and rich symbolism of ancient empires. Tiannemen square quietly held all the Chinese power without the fear of any restrictions.
After sweating in the humidityfor hours we felt useless in the heat. But energy quickly re-entered our bodies as we entered Dong Zhi Men; China's school of master ping pong players. Mr. Tong, the instructor has taught several world champions. We wasted no time in picking up paddles and getting schooled by 5-12 year-old boys and girls who will be future table tennis stars. This was a clear highlight for the kids. The CA team especially shined at the table (what did you expect?) even besting their Chinese opponents.
During the Tai-chi, I had a moment of joy watching my students. We spent so much time preparing for this and it was finally a reality: we are in China learning an ancient, beautiful art. Their faces lit up as they learned every move and watched each other in the master's challenge. I feel so lucky to be exploring a new culture with such curious and fun students.

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Karen Wells said...

It sounds like you guys "hit the ground running." Try to use the down time to relax a little but be sure and keep us informed through your blogging! I know - I told you to relax and then gave you something to do. Keep us informed and tell the students we love the blog posts.
Karen Wells DSA South Africa

Megan Harvey said...

Oh the things I wish I could see on video. Mostly teenage boys who can neither push down a 70 year old man, nor beat a 6 year old at ping pong. China is schooling ya'll!

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